Array Production Logging

Array Production Logging Services allow more complete answers to your deviated or horizontal well concerns. Well Loading – is water falling back or cycling and hindering production?

Joules Thompson cooling determination with 7 temperature sensors and 7 array spinner production comparison for (stage / perforation mobility and efficiency). Are the stages stimulated effectively for maximum mobility? How do some stages compare to others in the same well? We will answer.

Drilling Trajectory effects on production (Slope, plateaus, etc). Is the way in which the well drilled affecting production now or in the future?

Contribution. Where are the water, oil and gas coming from? The use of 13 holdup sensors plus traditional single sensor offer full capability.

Water Banking. Is the high water holdup due to water production or banking? (Energy and Mass balance compared with MapView visualization)

array production maps view

We will answer these questions.

The only way to accurately model a production profile in a deviated or horizontal well is through the use of array measuring devices, where multiple sensors can see the flow regime at different points in the wellbore cross section. The behavior changes that occur from the upper side of the wellbore to the lower; as well as flow affects due to changes in the angle, and many other interferences that are typical in the fluid mechanics of a deviated system can be seen with array measurement and probabilistic analysis.

  • Identify oil & gas production and locate water entry points
  • Operate in all well inclinations from vertical to horizontal
  • MAPS combines the Spinner Array Tool (SAT) and Resistance Array Tool (RAT) to measure phase hold-ups and velocities, along with a Gas Holdup Tool.
  • Multiple sensors provide user configurable 3D visualisation of multiphase flow with MAPview for a qualitative visual of the analysis.
  • Memory and Real Time logging

For more detailed information on MAPS please click the following link to download a PDF presentation: Multiple Array Production Suite Acquisition with PLATO Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs"
An Example Table is available below.

array production logging table