Production Logging

Job Planning: Before we go to the jobsite, we will meet with you to discuss your objectives in running the service. Whether the well is loading and production is hindered, water production is high, efficiency of the completion is uncertain, or just knowing where oil, gas and water is coming from can be answered. We will then plan on utilizing the necessary tools and services to ensure we get the best and most complete information possible. Operations will be discussed, and you will be given a clear description of what will be performed at the wellsite. We will ask you for specific information on your well and production in order to deliver the best possible product to you. On the Job: We run the highest quality and most flexible tools and equipment in the business. We run state of the art equipment known worldwide for the highest accuracy, flexibility and reliability on the market. These tools can be run in a wide variance of conveyance methods, either in memory mode or real time (surface readout).

We employ a complete arsenal of tools for your vertical applications, as well as the highest quality array tools for highly deviated and horizontal well applications.

Production logging involves determining where production is entering the wellbore, as well as where water may be entering and causing problems. Our services will define any existing water problems (if water is falling back, loading the well, crossflow etc.). Production logging also encompasses many other areas of well and field monitoring and investigation. Skin effects, poor stimulation or stimulation quality evaluation, and other areas can be investigated by collecting accurate data for analysis.

You can rest assured that the equipment that will be run in your well will provide the best possible data for evaluation.

After the Job: We use the production logging analysis software package, PLATO, as our interpretation package. PLATO is a probabilistic analysis package for PLT and DTS data. Results are found by using probabilistic analysis to minimize error and energy conservation principles. PLATO is used worldwide among large and small oil and gas operators for its accurate and reliable answers.

Just a few reasons why PLATO gives the most accurate answers:

  • Probabilistic Modeling allows the use of all available data and information
  • Complex Temperature Model allows for findings from only temperature and pressure.
  • Advanced spinner processing
  • Array tools module
  • Constraints: Material balance / Momentum balance / Energy balance

This software—along with the highest quality data and the most skilled, educated and knowledgeable analysts—will bring the answers you need for your well and reservoir.

Follow up: We will continually work with you and be involved in your decisions based on the results of your production logging job. Our staff includes field engineers with decades of production logging and wireline experience, as well as master degree level petroleum and fluid mechanics engineers. We also consult with Ph.D. level scientists who are experts in multiphase production physics.